Uniqueness Of Spacation


The Spacation is a contemporary family-friendly resort spa located in Holiday Inn resort Penang. We offer a wide variety of traditional Malay and Balinese treatments performed in a modern context to fit today’s lifestyles .


Among the treatments are body massages, foot massages, body scrubs / wraps, facials, manicures, pedicures and waxing. We promise to deliver the highest standard of customer service by our team of friendly male and female therapists to ensure each visit to the Spacation is a rejuvenating vacation for your mind, body and soul.


We are a family-friendly spa where male and female adults as well as children from age 6 to 12 may enjoy pampering treatments in our indoor spa treatments rooms as well as outdoor cabanas. The 3 indoor treatment rooms includes private rooms for a couple with attached shower in the treatment room. Whereas the 3 outdoor seaside cabanas are a favourite for those who love to listen to the sea breeze while enjoying pampering body massages, foot massages,facial and even manicure / pedicure.


We seek to be innovative in our spa treatment offerings to our guests while ensuring our guests have unforgettable spa journeys and moments to take home. We aim to build long lasting relationship with our guests by truly caring for their well being.


Every spa experience at the Spacation is a vacation to your body, mind and soul.